The DA42 Twin Star

Deiced IFR retractable gear

turbo-diesel or Jet fuel twin engine aircraft!

Interior  Panel  Engine  Propeller  Performance  Diamond

Glass Cockpit design
ergonomic comfort and efficiency
leading edge avionics
dual control sticks
integral instrument lighting
dual differential brakes
adjustable rudder pedals
electric 3-position flaps
climate controls
superior outward visibility
3 point inertia reel harnesses
lighted switch labels
lightning protection system
all electric flight instruments
26 g safety seats

Long Range Equipment is not standard

Satellite Communication

HF Communication

Water and Ditching

Rafts Equipment

Relief Tubes

Composite Airframe
rugged and extremely strong
virtually maintenance free
aerodynamically efficient
composite airframe components are corrosion proof
epoxy primer and polyurethane topcoats offer UV protection
composite structure is proven in over 10 years of flight training

Modular Design
individual and easily replaceable bolt-on wings, stabilizer, control surfaces, tail skid, and canopy
removable instrument panel assembly
easily replaceable engine assembly

TKS anti ice after SN#10


spacious behind-seat and nose baggage compartments

two Thielert Centurion 1.7, 135hp turbocharged liquid cooled diesel engines
operate on both automotive diesel and Jet A1 fuel
FADEC electronic fuel management
automatic prop control
low engine noise emission
low noise
MT, 3 blade constant speed propellers

74 USG   166KTS   FL120   1500NM   9HRS


 Montreal - Goose Bay    

Goose Bay - Keflavik   

Keflavik- Berlin / Helsinki       

Helsinki - Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg - Irkusk

Irkusk - Yakusk

Yakusk -Anadyr

Anadyr - Whitehorse

Whitehorse - Saskatoon

Saskatoon - Montreal


Montreal - Gander

Gander - Azores



 Montreal- Nassau   



  700 NM

1300 NM

1300 NM

1150 NM

1520 NM

1000 NM

1270 NM

1300 NM

1100 NM

1300 NM


   800 NM

1460 NM

1400 NM

1400 NM

1300 NM

The no-reserve range  with long range74 USG fuel tanks @75% 181 KTS power and 10,000 ft is 1,251NM nm.

The theoretical maximum endurance and range at minimum power settings approach 19 hrs and 2200nm at 110 KTS with the optional long range tank.

With the standard tanks of 52 USG 880 NM.


Specific preliminary performance and fuel consumption test data

80% power@18,000 ft: 201 ktas  11.8 gph

75% power@10,000 ft: 181 ktas  10.7 gph

60% power@10,000 ft: 166 ktas    8.0 gph

50% power@10,000 ft: 147 ktas    6.7 gph

   max economy (@ 110 ktas)         <3 gph