Aviation Asset Management



Imagine a simple, affordable, all-in-one hardware and network solution that allows you to manage your aviation assets from anywhere in the world. Imagine sending and receiving messages between aircraft and ground, checking aircraft position reports, and reviewing telemetric data on a secure internet-based site from as many locations as you'd like. Imagine monitoring the information most important to you - direct from an aircraft in flight - and receiving it in a standard format that will download directly into your proprietary or third-party flight tracking software.

There's no need to imagine. The Blue Sky Network D1000, and its powerful information network, SkyRouter, are here. The sky is no longer the limit.

D1000 Capabilities

The power of the D1000 lies in the versatility, immediacy, and amount of information that it provides. Never before has one terminal offered such comprehensive and customizable communications between aircraft and ground.

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The feasibility of the D1000 lies in SkyRouter, the central source for all communications. The site allows multiple users on ground immediate access to data from assets in flight, in a simple, user-friendly format. The SkyRouter network is highly reliable. A main server is housed in a remote server facility, and backed up by a redundant server and redundant power source.


Aviation Asset Management Kits

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Products KIT A
1      Motorola 9500 Satellite Series Portable Phone      
2      Motorola 9505 Satellite Series Portable Phone    
3      BSN C1000 Cabin Console Phone and Modem Unit    
4      BSN C1000A Modem Unit      
5      BSN C1000A Cabin Console Phone      
6      BSN D1000 Control Unit and Modem Unit
7      Single-Channel FAA TSO'd Antenna, Tuned to Iridium    
8      Dual-Channel FAA TSO'd Antenna, Tuned to Iridium  
9      15' FAA Approved Coax Cable  x 2  x 2
10    5' Quick Disconnect Cable    
11    TNC/BNC Bulkhead Adapter    
12    VL1000J Amplified Headset Adapter    
  $5,995 $8,595 $11,995